Attic Floor Insulation

Learn How You Can Lower Your Energy Cost With Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation!

Want To Help Keep Your Home Cooler In The Summer And Warmer In The Winter? Try Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation. As Temperatures Rise In The Summer, Your Attic Can Be The Biggest Source Of Heat Gain In Your Home. In Much The Same Way, It Can Also Be The Biggest Source Of Heat Loss In The Winter. Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation Can Help Combat That Heat Gain/Loss By Reflecting Up To 97% Of Radiant Heat. Used In Conjunction With Mass Insulation, Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation Provides Superior Thermal Performance. It Is Easily Installed, Will Not Trap Moisture And Is Insect And Bird Resistant.

The Primary Function Of Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation Is To Reduce The Transfer Of Radiant Energy. The Materials Used In Manufacturing Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation Are Polyethylene And Polished Aluminum. Our Standard Product Consists Of A Micro-Cell Polyethylene Core That Will Not Absorb Moisture, Is Flexible, Light Weight, Extremely Strong And The Foam Core Maintains Its Integrity When Punctured By Fasteners. The Exterior Surfaces Are Covered With Polished Aluminum. Our Patented Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation Does Have Tested “R” Values But More Importantly, It’s Aluminum Surfaces Have An Emissivity Of 0.03, Which Equates To 97% Of Radiant Heat Being Stopped And Reflected Back To Its Source.

Most Common Or Conventional Insulations Do Their Best To Slow Down The Heat Transfer, But No Matter How Thick They Are, They Have Limited Ability To Reflect Radiant Energy. In Fact, They Can Act Like A Battery Storing Heat, Then Re-Radiating It. Mass Insulations Can Also Store Moisture Which Further Reduces Their Capabilities To Resist The Transfer Of Thermal Energy. For These Reasons, By Mid-Afternoon In The Summer, Buildings Using Only Mass Type Insulation Can Become Unbearably Hot. Air Conditioning Systems Often Fail To Meet The Demand Of Extreme Summer Heat. Heating Systems Work Hard During Winter As Precious Energy Escapes Into The Attic. Both Conditions Put Additional Strains On Utility Companies And Your Budget.

By Addressing Only ”R” Values, Manufactures And Consumers Have Ignored The Major Problem Facing Insulation Today. You Guessed It … Radiant Heat Transfer. By Using Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation, You Can Reflect The Heat Back To The Source. Therefore, Buildings Become More Temperature Consistent And More Economical To Operate, No Matter What The Season.

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Arctic Fox Attic Floor Insulation

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